Merit Scholarship for M. Tech. Students

With an aim of encouraging scholars; who have demonstrated their academic abilities by getting very good scores in GATE, to enrol for PG programmes offered in KJSCE, the college management introduced this scholarship.

Who can apply

Any student having qualified GATE score admitted for any M.Tech. programme at KJSCE

Family income

No restriction

Extent of Scholarship

50% of tuition fees for Top 2 GATE scorers in every PG programme at KJSCE

Frequency of disbursement

Yearly Students have to apply in the second year for continuation of the scholarship which will depend upon academic performance of the students in the first year


Academic Year No of student
Amount disbursed
in Rs in Lakh
2016-17 8 5.75
2017-18 9 6.95
2018-19 5 3.43
2019-20 3 2.07
2020-21 4 3.38
2021-22 5 4.22